Through Central Campus: As of 5/22/2020, Awarded 12 pilot projects for a total of $55,300.  Projects represent 35 researchers from 15 academic departments and/or campuses.

Through Central Campus: Plan to award 5 graduate student research awards for a total of $25,000 by 7/31/2020

Through Central Campus: Plan to award 5 new pilot projects for a total of $40,000 by 6/30/2021

Through UNM HSC: As of 5/22/2020, Awarded 5 pilot projects for a total of $20,800.  Projects represent 5 researchers from 3 academic departments and/or campuses.

Through UNM HSC: Plan to award 3 new pilot projects for a total of $30,000 by 6/30/2021


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NIDA, R21, $434,228, Ecological Momentary Assessment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Prenatal Bonding Predicting Opioid Use Disorder Relapse Among Pregnant Women, 2 years, Principal Investigator: Pilar Sanjuan

NIAAA, R01, $2,351,135, Development of a Comprehensive and Dynamic AA Process Model: One Day at a Time, 5 years, Principal Investigator: Scott Tonigan

NIDA, UG3, $555,792, Integrated Treatment for Veterans with Co-Occurring Chronic Pain and Opioid Use Disorder, 1 year, Principal Investigator: Katie Witkiewitz

NIAAA, R34, $307,830 (UNM subaward $13,249), Reducing Alcohol-Related Sexual Risk Behavior, 3 years , Site Principal Investigator: Katie Witkiewitz

NIMH, UF1, $12,769,318 (UNM subaward $1,040,807), Patient-Centered Team-Based Primary Care to Treat Opioid Use Disorder, Depression, and Other Conditions, 5 years, , Site Principal Investigator: Katie Witkiewitz

William T. Grant Foundation. $450,000. Reducing Inequality Grant. Reducing Ethnoracial Inequality: A Prosecutor-Led Community-Based Diversion Program for Juveniles and Young Adults. 3 years, Principal Investigator: Noah Painter-Davis

NIDA, R61, $653,895, ($142,840 UNM yr 01 subaward), Leveraging CDC Opioid  Overdose Surveillance Funding from the Albuquerque Area Southwest Tribal Epidemiology Center to Create Tribal Data and Culturally Center Medications for Opioid Use Disorder, 2 years for R61; 3 additional years for R33, Principal Investigator: Kamilla Venner

NIDA/CTN, UG (protocol CTN0096), $1,815,783,      Culturally Centered Medication Treatment for OUD Implementation Facilitation for Primary Care and Addiction Treatment Programs Serving American Indian/Alaska Natives, 4 years, Principal Investigator: Kamilla Venner

NIAAA, T32, $2,280,100,  Alcohol Research Training:  Methods & Mechanisms, 5 years, Principal Investigator: Barbara McCrady

Interdisciplinary Substance Use and Brain Injury Biomedical Research Facility – NIH - $4 million, Principal Investigator: Richard Larson, Co-Investigators: Shuttleworth, Fink, Bakhireva

Opioid Vaccine Development, NIH - $250,000 Frietze (PI)

Emergency Department-INitiated bupreNOrphine and VAlidaTIOn Network Trial (ED-INNOVATION) (NIH HEAL Initiative) – NIH NIDA Clinical Trials Network, Crandell, (Site PI)


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Witkiewitz, K., Moyers, T., Venner, K. L., Smith, J. E. (April, 2020). Developed Wellness Resources page related to substance use during COVID19 for UNM Human Resources

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McCrady, B. S. (2020, July). Women and alcohol. New Mexico Substance Use Presentation Series, Albuquerque, NM.

SUD Grand Challenge Lead Co-Conveners (2019, August). UNM Substance Use Disorders Grand Challenge. Presentation to the NM Health and Human Services Subcommittee, Taos, NM.

CASAA sponsored 3 internationally recognized SUDS-related guest speakers during the 2019-2020 academic year, reaching more than 120 attendees.


Developed and currently evaluating the UNM Collegiate Recovery Center, a dedicated space with programming to support students at UNM and CNM in recovery from SUD and seeking recovery support. https://recovery.unm.edu/

Evaluation of Improvements in Substance Use Treatment Delivery at the UNM Health System Addiction and Substance Use Program (Fink, Maley – Co-PIs)

Development and Implementation of an Opioid Overdose Treatment Engagement Program: The Living Room Model (Fink, Maley – Co-PIs)


GC team member, Jane Ellen Smith, is working with UNM administration to secure new Psychology Clinic space that would provide additional space for the @UNM Alcohol Specialty Clinic, as well as a new space for GC related research examining new treatments for substance use disorders.

GC Co-convener Fink is the co-investigator on an award with Larson (Executive Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Research), Shuttleworth (Chair, Dept. of Neurosciences) and Bakhireva (College of Pharmacy) from NIH. With this award, the group is building a specialized, state of the art, translational substance use and traumatic brain injury biomedical research facility on the Health Sciences campus that will serve substance use and brain injury researchers across the entire Mountain West region (NV, MT, ID, UT, TX, WY). This state of the art facility will further establish the University of New Mexico as a leader in substance use research.


Engaged 16 faculty in the 2019 CASAA Grant Writing Seminar, focused on developing grant applications.

Drs. Pearson and Tonigan (UNM-CASAA) will be leading an 8-week NIH Grant Writing Webinar offering a step-by-step approach to preparing a successful NIH grant application this Fall. Special emphasis is placed on avoiding common pitfalls and capitalizing on newly-implemented NIH grant application guidelines. This webinar will be available to all UNM faculty, students, and staff, and will be marketed directly to the Substance Use Disorders Grand Challenge team.

GC Fink hosts a monthly opioid-focused interdisciplinary meeting. The focus of the meeting is to bring together investigators from across the campus so investigators working in the area can meet each other, stimulate discussion and form new collaborations. Each meeting includes a brief talk by an investigator working in the area to stimulate discussion. Topics have included new NIDA Clinical Trials Network funded trial for treating opioid use in the emergency department; NIH funded trial to develop an opioid vaccine, etc.