STEM Education and STEM Education Research
Carolyn Hushman, Antoinette Abeyta, Tim Schroeder

Sustainable Space Research Grand Challenge
Charles Shearer, Maryam Hojati, Kristina Yu

Just Transition Grand Challenge
Gabriel Pacyniak, Shannon Sanchez-Youngman, Gabriel Sanchez

Housing Justice Grand Challenge
Michaele Pride, Nancy Lopez, Renia Ehrenfeucht

Building a UNM Center of Excellence to Address Basic Needs Insecurities in Higher Education
Sarita Cargas, April Land, Diana Gonzales-Pacheco,Tammy L. Thomas

The Mental Health Distress and Suicide Prevention-Intervention Challenge Research Group
David Lardier, Stephanie McIver, Monique Rodriguez, Veronica Salcido

Culturally Responsive Literacy
John Zimmerman, Mary Frances Rice, Ana June, Karla Baldonado, Aretha Matt,Peninah Walpo.