Program Milestones

The work of the grand challenges teams includes research, professional practice, community engagement and public policy. The following achievements represent milestones on each team’s journey to a stronger and healthier New Mexico.

In support of their Grand Challenges goals, UNM’s GC faculty and staff have:

  • Sponsored 25 pilot research projects, engaging 60 researchers, for a total of $156,000
  • Solicited proposals for additional pilot research projects for up to $110,000 (total funding)
  • Submitted 32 publication proposals and 14 conference presentation proposals, resulting in 27 publications and presentations to date (with more pending)
  • Submitted 66 external research grant proposals for more than $64 million, with five more proposals currently in development
  • Received funding for 23 external research grants, totaling more than $20 million
  • Supported the hiring of 8 new faculty and postdoc positions
  • Implemented 46 education and community outreach events and initiatives
  • Developed 12 new policy or professional program development events and initiatives
  • Sponsored 14 UNM researcher networking events

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