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Looking for Proposal Partners? 

If you are looking for researchers or educators to partner with on your Grand Challenges proposal, we can help.  Email us a brief description of your project (no more than one paragraph), along with the contact name and information of your convener, and we will post it here.  We will also send this information out to the Grand Challenges Listserv.  Interested parties will be encouraged to contact you as soon as possible.


Posted: November 20th,, 2018

The UNM Women’s Resource Center in collaboration with the UNM Basics in Addiction Counseling Program is interested in partnering on a GC Challenge that could include the development of a Collegiate Recovery Program to serve our students. According to the Association of Recovery in Higher Education, “A collegiate recovery program (CRP) is a College or University-provided, supportive environment within the campus culture that reinforces the decision to engage in a lifestyle of recovery from substance use. It is designed to provide an educational opportunity alongside recovery support to ensure that students do not have to sacrifice one for the other”. This program could serve as an education component of an addictions research GC proposal.
Contact: Jessica Holland, Director, Women’s Resource Center

STEM Workforce

Posted: November 20th,, 2018

We are interested in joining a proposal team focused on increasing the number of New Mexico residents employed in the in-state STEM workforce. As part of this goal, we are interested in the development of new UNM degree programs that produce STEM researchers and practitioners. We are also interested in STEM economic development and innovation, among other domains.
Contact: Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh