Ten More Great Ideas

In selecting UNM’s three Grand Challenges, President Garnett S. Stokes received 14 insightful proposals, representing more than 60 UNM departments and administrative units, and more than 160 UNM faculty and staff members. All of the proposals that were submitted addressed important problems worthy of UNM’s combined research resources, and the decision to select three Challenges was a difficult one. In gratitude for the collaboration and ingenuity demonstrated by each proposal team, the Conceptual Goals for these ten proposals are shared below. If you would like to reach out to these teams to offer your support for their continued efforts, please email Tim Schroeder at grandchallenges@unm.edu.

  1. Reducing by 50% the impact of Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) on developmental outcomes for New Mexico children, youth, and adults within the next 20 years by building community and family resilience. Reducing by 75% the rates of child maltreatment in New Mexico within the next 20 years.

  2. Multispecies Futures will develop public outreach, community engaged scholarship, multidisciplinary pedagogical approaches, and networks among artists, scholars and community partners to address the challenge of biological annihilation and develop locally-rooted solutions for multispecies futures. Our efforts will be grounded in New Mexico but linked to places across the Americas and beyond.

  3. By 2040, 100% of New Mexico high school and college graduates will be data literate, having the education, data, resources, tools, and analyses they need to make informed day-to-day decisions as New Mexico citizens.

  4. Improve outcomes and related state rankings on child wellbeing and community crime and safety by identifying and proactively addressing the community level risks that impact youth wellbeing.

  5. Our goal is to reduce food insecurity among New Mexico college students by 40% by 2025, by measuring its prevalence among students across the state, developing a network of partners, developing a toolkit of solutions, raising awareness of food insecurity, and generating political will and technical expertise to address it.

  6. The goal of this initiative is to provide technology, financial and staffing resources to all New Mexico museums, libraries and archives to ensure that the state’s essential cultural heritage collections are digitized, documented and digitally preserved against future loss.

  7. Make New Mexico the next hub for space science innovation by 2030 as a way to bring hope and inspiration to our students and grow our economy.

  8. We will create long-term collaborative partnerships with Native American communities in New Mexico to develop projects that support community-driven transformations and self-sustainability.

  9. Advance equity in economic opportunity and healthy communities, by removing racialized and gender gaps in Education, Health, and Wealth by 2040.

  10. Develop a nationally recognized program for training a high technology STEM workforce at the University of New Mexico (UNM), which would provide an educated and prepared workforce to enter employment at the national and federal laboratories, and the high-technology industries located in New Mexico.