STEM Education and STEM Education Research
Carolyn Hushman, Antoinette Abeyta**, Tim Schroeder

Sustainable Space Research Grand Challenge
Charles Shearer, Maryam Hojati, Kristina Yu

Mitigating Risks and Supporting Protective Factors to Prevent Child Maltreatment
Rebecca Girardet*, Sara Nozadi*, Shelley Alonso-Marsden*

Just Transition Grand Challenge
Gabriel Pacyniak, Shannon Sanchez-Youngman*, Gabriel Sanchez

Housing Justice Grand Challenge
Michaele Pride, Nancy Lopez, Renia Ehrenfeucht

The Mental Health Distress and Suicide Prevention-Intervention Challenge Research Group
David Lardier*, Stephanie McIver, Monique Rodriguez, Veronica Salcido**

Culturally Responsive Literacy
John Zimmerman**, Mary Frances Rice, Ana June**, Karla Baldonado**, Aretha Matt**